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Conquer Heavy Lifting & Crush Downtime

Up-to-date manufacturing lines require a deep integration of hoist cables and factory cranes into the production chain. Steel wire rope with the highest performance characteristics achieve maximum load capacity, safety and service life. Our ropes from CASAR are your first choice to eliminate unplanned downtime and ensure optimized material flow. Those proven solutions will help you to get the best performance out of your production line.


Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane

Hoist Ropes

  • CASAR Turboplast
  • CASAR Stratoplast
  • CASAR Paraplast
  • CASAR Superplast 8
  • CASAR Superplast 10 MIX
  • CASAR Eurolift
  • CASAR Starlift
  • CASAR Quadrolift
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Please note: The use of rotation resistant ropes depends on the lifting height and the reeving system. Please contact your WireCo rope specialist for further advice.