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Koepe Friction Winders

Navigating Rope Selection For Koepe Friction Winders

  • Installed in a ground or tower mounted configuration.
  • The number of head and balance rope configuration usually varies from 2 ropes to 6 ropes depending on the duty cycle required.
  • For depths exceeding 1000 m, it is critical that non-spin or rotation-resistant constructions are used.
  • For multi-rope winders, rope load balancing and equal driving sheave/drum circumferences are critical to ensure good rope life.
  • Triangular strand hoisting ropes are used with good success in both tower mounted and ground mounted configurations down to a hoisting depth of 1000 meters.
  • When removing torque at the collar level is a problem CASAR Turboplast M hoist ropes can reduce this by 90 percent.
  • When stretch and torque of a hoist rope are major concerns CASAR Turboplast M with its plasticised solid steel core can substantially reduce these issues.