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CASAR Superfit shines on the cable plough of Frank Föckersperger

Over the more than 70 years that CASAR ropes have been produced, we have met with many really extraordinary rope applications. One that would always make it into the top ten if such a list of highlights existed is the cable plough from Frank Föckersperger. In this type of application, as the name suggests, cables and pipes are ploughed into the ground.

JASO swears on swaged ropes from CASAR

Six years have now passed since CASAR introduced the new CASAR Doublefit at BAUMA 2013. Now, six years and two Munich based BAUMA’s later, it is about time to draw a conclusion - and this is overwhelmingly positive.

CASAR ropes for the largest tower crane in the world

New year, new happiness. In the beginning of 2019, this widespread talk was also true for our colleagues from CASAR Australia. This is how you succeed, by landing a very exciting order for the largest tower crane in the world. It involves the new roping of a 330 t Favelle Favco tower crane with luffing jib of the Australian Marr Contracting PTY LTD. This crane will be used for 14 months starting in July, in order to construct the Canakkale 1915 suspension bridge over the Dardanelles, a strait in the Mediterranean between the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara. This suspension bridge has a width of 36 m and carries a 6-lane motorway. It is an important component of the US $2.8 billion difficult Kinali-Balikesir motorway project. The total length of the bridge is 5169 m, with the distance between the two main pillars being 2023 m. Measured at the span length it thus supersedes the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge in Japan and wins the title of "longest suspension bridge in the world". The completion date is set for 2023, which is the year of the one-hundredth anniversary of the establishment of modern Turkey.

CASAR Rope Installation in Huainan

Although China is the second largest coalproducing country in the world, the geological conditions of the country's coal seams are not always favorable. The coal seams in most of the existing coal-mining areas are too deep for surface mining so about 90% of China's total coal production is from underground mines.

Breaking our own Records…

Exactly three years ago, we reported to our “world of rope“ readers about a world record set in the Australian Northparkes mine. There, our TURBOPLAST M just achieved an unbelievable 652,239 cycles in 46 months, and brought over 22 million tons of rock up from the depths. We are proud to inform you in this issue that we have succeeded in breaking our own record. In the Slovakian mining region of Horna Nitra, the company HBP (Hornonitrianske Bane Prievidza a.s.), operates a total of three mines near the city of Prievidza. With an annual output of 1.9 million tons and over 100 years’ experience, HBP is the largest brown coal producer in Slovakia.

Re-cabling of Ship Hoist in Goa, India

At the time of this newsletter’s publication, the GOA Shipyard Limited is receiving 30 new ropes for its ship hoist, the heart of the GOA Shipyard. The shipyard lies on the west coast of India, in Vasco da Gama, a city in the Indian state of Goa.

New CASAR Ropes for “Goliath”

Since 2001, the Danish Odense Steel Shipyard has operated the colossal “Goliath” portal crane. It replaced the shipyard crane blown over by gale-force winds in December 1999.

The Gelmer Funicular: Renewal of a 90 year old gem

This past summer, the Swiss Gelmer Funicular was extensively renovated. This is a 90 year old funicular that began operation in 1926 in the valley known as Haslital in the canton of Bern. Originally, the work line was constructed to transport material to build the wall of the Lake Gelmer dam and the water supply line for the Handeck power plant. Since opening for tourism in 2001, it has enjoyed growing popularity among young and elderly alike. As a result, the Gelmer Funicular is used by up to 45,000 passengers a year. Since the funicular continues to serve as a work line, part of the logistics infrastructure of the Grimsel power plant, it was decided that the system should undergo a complete renewal.

Thrills with Drumet forestry ropes

People have been driven by the dream of flying since time immemorial. Since April this year, this dream has come close to being achieved on the Western side of the Plitvice Lakes national park in Croatia. The municipal authorities of Vrhovina, together with the community of “Rudopolje Moje”, to which various local companies and individuals belong, have taken it upon themselves to make the area in the county of Lika- Senj more attractive to residents and visitors alike. For this reason, the “White Peak” sport and relaxation centre was founded, nestled in the magnificent landscape of Lika. As well as climbing and cycling, people have been able to dive head first into the abyss since Easter 2017. That was made possible by one of Europe’s longest and fastest zip lines, the Zip Line Pazi Medo (in English: Beware of the Bear – this region has a large population).

SMED workshop at CASAR

A SMED workshop at CASAR took place in mid-January. The aim of the 11-member cross-sectoral team was to deal with the long setup time caused by the machine’s construction type on the longest tubular strander. The team had the task of reducing the setup time through the use of suitable organisational and personnel measures. Generally, 25-strand filler braids and 26 to 31-strand Warrington-seale braids are produced on this tubular strander. The machine is frequently prepared and many spools are also prepared again and again during production.

New state of the art high speed spooling centre in operation at CASAR

To control production costs, increase production efficiency and continue producing the best products, CASAR’s internal processes are continually checked and improved. Moreover, for the future, the WireCo WorldGroup is making regular investments in the machine park and in new plant equipment to provide our customers with quality products of a high technical standard at a fair price.

Giant Chinese telescope FAST starts operation

Are we alone in the universe? All of us have asked ourselves this question at least once in our lifetimes. Since 25/09/2016, science has had at its disposal a powerful tool with the help of which it will one day be able to definitively answer this question.

CASAR Doublefit proves its mettle on the new Manitowoc MLC650 crawler crane

The flagship of the new crawler crane model range from Manitowoc, the MLC650, impresses thanks to a number of innovative solutions. The fully modular construction of the equipment facilitates transport and the variable position counterweight maximises the performance capacity of the crane. The MLC650 thus represents an extremely exciting innovation in the 600t category.

Bauma sets new records for the industry and for WireCo

This year, Bauma again exceeded even its own expectations, featuring more visitors, more exhibitors and more events. A record-setting number of 580,000 visitors attended the fair and our booth was certainly not complaining about a lack of visitors. Numerous trade visitors made their way to Hall B3 to keep abreast of the trends, view the latest innovations and also to meet the rope specialists from our technical and sales teams. Our experts from product development, sales and customer service held a series of information sessions and gave some fascinating insights into the latest product and technological developments. This led to some lively discussions about the optimal deployment of our products.

Fusion research with CASAR Paraplast

A unique global partnership is currently being created at the Cadarache nuclear research centre in the south of France. The ITER Tokamak Cryostat is being constructed there, the world‘s largest experimental facility for fusion energy. The objective of fusion research is to prove the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy and thereby to harness a secure, unlimited and environmentally friendly source of energy. This is intended to generate a fusion output of 500 megawatts over a period of 7 minutes. It uses the same principle as that used by the sun: light atomic nuclei are fused into heavy ones, releasing immense quantities of energy in the process. The ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a nuclear fusion reactor based on the Tokamak principle. In this process a deuterium-tritium plasma is kept in a toroidal form at approximately 150 million degrees Celsius using a magnetic field. Above a specific temperature and particle density, a controlled nuclear fusion should then occur in a chain reaction; the energy gain from this should exceed the energy consumption by a factor of 10 to enable an economical net gain in energy.

CASAR Eurolift masters the depths

At the end of 2014, through our sister company, Lankhorst, we at CASAR received an interesting request to fit the ropes on a 40-ton AHC articulating crane of the Dutch manufacturer, Langendijk Equipment. The crane is installed on the supply ship Wildebeest, which serves oilrigs of the Edison Chouest Offshore company (ECO).

CASAR to break records in Australia

CASAR has always been known for the extraordinary performance of its mining ropes. Now they have set a new world record in Australia’s Northparkes mine, establishing a new milestone in the process. After 652,239 completed cycles, a service life of 46 months and more than 22 million tons of moved rock, the Turboplast M used for the work was gracefully retired. The rope was discarded according to plan in mid-January 2015 under the supervision of Roger Smith, an experienced expert for hightech mining ropes in the service of CASAR, and Alexander Fäh, sales engineer for mining ropes.

After 6 years of cooperation with CASAR, Telfer draws positive conclusions.

The last 6 years saw a close cooperation between the rope manufacturer CASAR, the distributor Nobles and the Telfer gold mine, based in the Pilbara region in the state of Western Australia. The Telfer mine is wholly owned by Newcrest Mining Limited. Gold and copper are extracted, above ground as well as underground. The copper and gold deposits were discovered in 1972, and mining began in 1977. In 2008 it was decided to increase the extraction capacities to over 6 million tons per year. This provided the basis for initial talks between Telfer and CASAR, as Telfer were not happy with the service life of the original ropes of a South African manufacturer on the floor hoisting machine and now the extraction capacities were due to increase too. The hoisting machine is a ground mounted friction winder which transports a payload of 34.5 t at a speed of 16.25 m/s from a depth of 1132 m to the top.

Constructing Offshore Wind Farms with CASAR Powerplast

The growth of wind power in Europe is running out of space, both at inland and coastal locations. Logically, the next step is to develop offshore wind farms at sea. These installations are placed several kilometres off the coast and fixed to the continental shelf. There they are free-standing in the wind and so can achieve a high energy yield. However, constructing and operating these installations poses unprecedented challenges for the technology used. Where water is up to 60 m deep, stable foundations have to be built on the sea bed and the construction of the wind turbines themselves, with their tower, power house and rotor blades, requires elaborate assembly. It cannot be done from an unstable ship or platform, for obvious reasons.

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