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New Singapore National Stadium – Singapore Sports Hub, Kallang

The new national stadium of Singapore was opened at the end of June 2014. In 2015, it will be the venue of the 28th South-East Asian Games. It features 55,000 seats and replaces the old national stadium, which was demolished in 2010. It is a visionary dome construction, coated with ultra-light ETFE material. The national stadium is part of the Singapore Sports Hub, a gigantic, 35-hectare large sports, leisure and entertainment centre. It is currently being built on the banks of the Kallang bay, which is a first-rate harbour area of Singapore. The futuristic national stadium forms the centre of the new Sports Hub, setting new standards in all areas of modern architecture. The spectator stands, for example, are mobile, and an energy-efficient air-conditioning concept supplies each of the 55,000 seats with fresh air. At the same time, the required energy is only 15% of the energy required by a conventional fully air-conditioned stadium.

CASAR Parafit – A success story from Kirkel

When CASAR launched the first hammered ropes into the market in 2003, after intensive in-house testing, no one could have imagined what significance this development would have for the rope-making industry. It was at this time that crane manufactures‘ specification requirements for ropes to be used in the erection and boom systems of large mobile cranes increased enormously. Ropes with a decidedly higher load capacity and robustness were necessary. Casar was able to meet these requirements with the implementation of an innovative compression process by which the surface of the rope was finished using a special technique and purpose-built tools. The increase in breaking strength, the outstanding crush resistance, and the significantly reduced loss of diameter under load that were thus achieved, fulfills the demands placed upon high performance ropes made for this purpose. The extremely smooth surface created by hammering, minimizes snagging and optimizes stress distribution. Resistance to transverse pressure in the cross-over areas is thus lastingly improved, and for this reason, the “Fit ropes” from CASAR are especially well suited for multiple layer spooling.

CASAR Turboplast helps to clear the way

Amid the thunderous cheers of countless spectators, the oldest seaworthy three-master of Europe, the Belem, sailed as the first large ship into Port de la Lune, the harbor of Bordeaux, passing under the new lift bridge, the Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas. The core of this 433 meters long lift bridge is the 117 meters mobile center piece which rises up 53 meters between the four 77 meters high pylons. This makes it the largest lifting bridge in Europe.

Ship Lifter Lüneburg, Germany

The boat lift close to Lüneburg in the northern part of Germany went in service 1974 and was at that time the largest ship lift in the world. Two water-filled troughs lift ships of the Europa class to help them master the 38 m height difference from the Mittellandkanal to the level of the Elbe river.

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