The latest trend on the world’s major construction sites points in just one direction, and it follows the Olympic concept “Faster, Higher, Stronger“. Modern rotating tower cranes must face these challenges and master them with refined technology. The new CTL 1600 luffing jib crane by Terex was tailored specifically to these requirements. Impressive 66 t of maximum lifting capacity resulting from a load torque of 1600 mt as well as a maximum jib length of 75 m and an 89 m detached tower speak for themselves. This makes the CTL 1600 the largest tower crane ever build by Terex in Italy.

It is evident that great value was placed in the optimal choice of critical crane components for this giant. Safety and reliability in operation are top priority of course; any problem could quickly cause time- and cost-intensive operational disruptions. This must be prevented by all means with regard to the tightly scheduled process flows. When selecting rope, Terex did not make any compromises and chose 2 approved rope constructions by CASAR.

The crane specialists installed a EUROLIFT 34 mm in diameter and 600 m in length on the hoisting unit. This rope construction is highly resistant to torsion due to 18 outer strands and a tightened core rope laid in the opposite direction. The torque of the individual strands seem to be opposite in operation. Special wire ropes by CASAR take this physical law into account to the extent that the torques of the internal and the external strands compensate each other even in a high lift range. Many users also value the good handling of this flexible rope construction as well as the excellent coiling on multiple-layer drums.