To control production costs, increase production efficiency and continue producing the best products, CASAR’s internal processes are continually checked and improved. Moreover, for the future, the WireCo WorldGroup is making regular investments in the machine park and in new plant equipment to provide our customers with quality products of a high technical standard at a fair price.

After intensive deliberations, an investment over 2.2 million euros for a new wire coiling centre was concluded in February 2016.

The systems are in the building of the former workshop. The workshop was relocated to a production facility and the old premises were completely modernized and converted. The new spooling centre is located directly in the logistic chain near the high rack wire storage. Conveyor belts in the spooling centre are assembled with wire coils from the warehouse, thereby enabling a spooling process on the new high speed coils “Just in Sequence”. For this purpose, the coils are put on the special folding spools with a modern crane system and made directly available for the spooling machine ready for installation. Subsequently, the new wire, which has previously undergone numerous quality checks, is spooled with a speed of up to 30 m/s on the spooling machine into the exact amount needed. This is assured by a modern laser measuring technology.