The last 6 years saw a close cooperation between the rope manufacturer CASAR, the distributor Nobles and the Telfer gold mine, based in the Pilbara region in the state of Western Australia. The Telfer mine is wholly owned by Newcrest Mining Limited. Gold and copper are extracted, above ground as well as underground. The copper and gold deposits were discovered in 1972, and mining began in 1977. In 2008 it was decided to increase the extraction capacities to over 6 million tons per year. This provided the basis for initial talks between Telfer and CASAR, as Telfer were not happy with the service life of the original ropes of a South African manufacturer on the floor hoisting machine and now the extraction capacities were due to increase too. The hoisting machine is a ground mounted friction winder which transports a payload of 34.5 t at a speed of 16.25 m/s from a depth of 1132 m to the top.