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Telfer Gold & Copper Mine

  • Replacement of the original triangular strand ropes by 4x1360m CASAR Starplast Ø45mm
  • Continous increase of the lifetime from original 95,000 cycles up to 210,000 cycles
  • Elimination of undesired effects such as rope elongation and rope slipping
  • Target: service life of 300,000 cycles
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Northparkes Gold & Copper Mine

  • Mine for gold and high quality copper concentrate
  • 3 MW ground mounted friction winder with
    • Max. payload of 16,5t
    • Max. speed of 15,3m/s
    • Depth 590m
  • 4x750m Ø32mm CASAR Turboplast M
  • Rope Discard as scheduled in January 2015
  • Setting a new world record
    • 652,239 completed cycles
    • 46 months service life
    • 22 milion tons of moved rock
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