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Moveable Roof Construction

Singapore National Stadium

Singapore National Stadium

The new national stadium of Singapore was opened at the end of June 2014. In 2015, it will be the venue of the 28th South-East Asian Games. It features 55,000 seats and replaces the old national stadium, which was demolished in 2010. It is a visionary dome construction, coated with ultra-light ETFE material. The national stadium is part of the Singapore Sports Hub, a gigantic, 35-hectare large sports, leisure and entertainment centre.

It is currently being built on the banks of the Kallang bay, which is a first-rate harbour area of Singapore. The futuristic national stadium forms the centre of the new Sports Hub, setting new standards in all areas of modern architecture. The spectator stands, for example, are mobile, and an energy-efficient air-conditioning concept supplies each of the 55,000 seats with fresh air.

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