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Vertical Lifting Bridges

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France

Amid the thunderous cheers of countless spectators, the oldest seaworthy three-master of Europe, the Belem, sailed as the first large ship into Port de la Lune, the harbor of Bordeaux, passing under the new lift bridge, the Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas. The core of this 433 meters long lift bridge is the 117 meters mobile center piece which rises up 53 meters between the four 77 meters high pylons. This makes it the largest lifting bridge in Europe.

After a construction time of slightly more than 3 years this bridge over the Garonne now connects the eastern and the western parts of Bordeaux and will greatly improve the traffic situation in the city center of Bordeaux. The building of the lift bridge ensures that the historic city center, which was awarded the status of UNESCO world heritage site in 2007, can now profit from the development of the cruise business.

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Rouen, France

Rouen, France
Pont Gustave Flaubert
  • Bridge span:120 m
  • Pylon height: 86 m
  • Height of stroke: 45m
  • Lift up time: 12 minutes
  • Counter weight ropes: 85 mm CASAR Turboplast; 32 ropes each 111 m
  • Hoisting ropes: 72 mm CASAR Stratoplast; 16 ropes each 76 m
  • Warranty: 30 Years